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  • avatar image Reply Danielle Smith 03 Dec 2015

    Is still keeps saying that shipping is not available for the US (United States)

    • avatar image Reply Mel C. 04 Dec 2015

      Okay- sorry that is happening- there are some bugs with our shipping module and we have been working on correcting them. Could you please try again and see if it works? It looks as if the bug has been worked out (at least on our end). Thank you for your patience!

  • avatar image Reply Lindsey Harris 06 Dec 2015

    Do you have samples of any of shampoos and conditioners? I am interested in your products.

  • avatar image Reply asad 06 Nov 2016


    I need your help for years I’m battling scalp issues, dry scalp with thick scales formed that comes out when I comb. This has made my hair extremely thin and bald at most spots. I tried everything every single oil in the market nothing seems to work (e.g castor oil is effective but leaves scalp dry with flakes problem). I used herbal oil nettle and burdock nettle , I’m looking for magic ingredient that can solve my scaly scalp issues. It is very difficult to move around in society with thick dandruff and scales all sticked in your hair., even my marriage proposals are effected due to this problem. Please help me.

    • avatar image Reply Mel C. 07 Nov 2016

      Hi there!

      I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. My first suggestion would be to pay a visit to a doctor/dermatologist and have your scalp condition diagnosed- I wish I could do that for you but I am not qualified to do so. From what you have described, your condition could be one (or more) things, and the best treatment for you will greatly depend on the specific condition you have. In some cases, oils can exacerbate (some would say even “feed”) a scaly scalp and make it even more irritated and flaky. My sister has a scaly scalp also but had been to the dermatologist to have her condition diagnosed and has had some success of late with using (I can’t use the name here because it’s trademarked, but it is a major brand of gold colored antiseptic mouthwash) directly on her scalp, leaving it on for 5 minutes and rinsing it out. But before attempting this or any other possible remedy, consult a physician first for the reason stated above (it could worsen your problem).

      I hope that helps!

  • avatar image Reply mar 22 Nov 2016

    Hello, will you be participating in Black Friday deals and or cyber Monday?

  • avatar image Reply Selina 20 Feb 2017

    Hi, I was wandering which one of your oils would be best to use for a pre poo and which would be best to use as a hot oil treatment (under the dryer with a plastic cap), thank you

    • avatar image Reply Mel C. 20 Feb 2017


      The best product for you will depend on several factors:

      Preference: some prefer traditional herbs such as rosemary, as is found in our HairHealth+ oils, others prefer Ayurvedic herbs such as those found in our Superpowers oils;

      Any allergies you may have: some may be allergic to Coconut oil, shea butter, etc. and will need to steer clear of products containing those;

      Your Hair Type: Dry or Normal Hair;


      Your Budget: some prefer to go all out with our Super Concentrated oils which cost a little bit more but are twice as concentrated (Such as our HairHealth+ Super Concentrated Herbal Oil), others prefer to go with a less expensive option (our HairHealth+ Herbal Hair Oil).

      I generally recommend HairHealth+ Super Concentrated Herbal Oil as it is our most wide spectrum (as far as growth promoting herbs) and most concentrated oil. It is the first oil we created and it is our top seller to date. If you tend toward dry hair, I would definitely choose the Dry hair formula, as it contains coconut oil and castor oil to help with boosting growth and preventing dryness.

      I hope this helps, but please feel free to ask me any questions you may have 🙂

      Kind Regards,
      Melissa Cameron

  • avatar image Reply Shirley Wheeler 27 Mar 2017

    Hi, I am using your silkengro concentrated Jamaican black castor hair growth oil, superpowers 10 herb ayurvedic conditioner and the hairdress. I do not use chemicals in my hair all natural. Thanks for these products. Is it ok if I still color with ancient sunrise henna and sudina indigo. If so, should I stop using your products for a few days before coloring. Thanks for any advice.

    • avatar image Reply Mel C. 14 Apr 2017

      Hi there,
      it would be perfectly okay 🙂

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