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It works mainly by increasing circulation to your scalp. It contains 12 botanicals that are known scalp stimulants. It also contains botanicals that work to soften and strengthen your hair to prevent breakage, so that you keep more of your length, and it has the added bonus of making your hair very shiny.

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Product Description

New & Improved Formula!

**Note – the reviewer in the video says the product is organic, it is made mostly with herbs but is not actually organic. Reviewer has been remunerated**

Do you have slow-growing hair? I USED to! In the past, it took me a whole year to get my hair from 5 1/2 inches long to 8 inches long (typical hair growth is about 6 in. per year)! I became frustrated and did some research into how to grow hair, and found all of the most effective folk methods used around the world for long, shiny hair (India, Mexico, etc.) and came up with this powerful formulation.
I started making it by hand, using it on myself, but it wasn’t long before friends, family and associates were clamoring for me to make some for them! It really does work! After being told “you should sell this stuff!” Here I am!
How does it work?
It works mainly by increasing circulation to your scalp. It contains 12 botanicals that are known scalp stimulants. As long as your hair follicles are not completely dead (as found in some male-pattern baldness, certain types of alopecia, etc.) it WILL help to stimulate your scalp to encourage hair growth. If you you use it as specified, you may be surprised at how much faster it grows. It also contains botanicals that work to soften and strengthen your hair to prevent breakage, so that you keep more of your length, and it has the added bonus of making your hair very shiny. You can also use this as a hot oil treatment. It contains pure, golden jojoba oil, along with over 26 other ingredients such as essential oils and raw botanicals from all over the world, including exotic Amla and over 20 other natural ingredients that help grow, soften and strengthen your hair. You will be hard pressed to find another hair growth oil on with this many powerful natural ingredients! In fact, if this doesn’t work to give to noticeably softer, stronger feeling hair, nothing probably will. This formula is best for use on darker hair, as some of the ingredients can tint lighter hair, so if you have light hair, do not use this. Since many people use WAY too much heat when heat styling, this product is not recommended for use with extreme heat styling. I very rarely use heat, but I only do so on low settings with heat protectant in my hair. Since oil can get very hot, using heat styling tools that are too hot may damage the hair. If you have questions, please see the FAQ below, and email me if the answer isn’t there.
To Use:
You simply apply a small amount to your fingertips (a little goes a long way, so no need to oversaturate!), and massage it into your scalp with the pads of your fingers for 2-3 minutes, 4 times per week (about every other day). You should still massage the scalp each day. After applying oil, you should start to feel the stimulation happening in your scalp within the first 5 minutes. Afterwards, you may gently brush hair from scalp to ends of hair to distribute the product evenly throughout your hair. You may also use this as a hot oil treatment before washing out (put oil on hair and wrap with warm, damp towel, not a hot one). If you have drier hair (as found in most African types of hair) you may leave this in, but you should wash your hair once a week.
About the Product
It is a therapeutic product made with real botanicals and essential oils, so it has a “brisk” herbal smell out of the bottle. The bottle is a 4 oz plastic squeezable bottle with a squirt/snap cap for dispensing the oil. I don’t reveal the recipe here but if you have any allergy concerns, please contact me to inform me of anything you are allergic to and I will let you know if the product contains it. Not for use by women who are pregnant or nursing.
Why is it so expensive?
Because it actually works. I have not had one single dissatisfied customer. I could have watered down the recipe, used fewer or lower quality ingredients, but that would have made this just another product that promises great results and does not deliver. You truly get what you pay for with this product. It is chock-full of botanicals that are expensive and some that are even rare, it is all natural and made by hand in a process that takes up to 7 days.

Q: Does this product make hair grow thicker?

A: Sometimes. It will make hair appear thicker as it re-grows from breakage and damage. Otherwise, hair thickness is determined by genetics, which controls how many individual hair follicles you have on your head at birth. Some people have tons of hair follicles, and others have less. My product, as wonderful as it is, will not change your genetic structure, cause the individual hairs to be permanently thicker or create more follicles on your head – there is no product I am aware of that can. It will increase circulation to those follicles helping hair to grow faster (like plant fertilizer), and strengthen hair to help keep hair from breaking so you will maintain more of your length.
In short, our product speeds growth and helps make your hair the best it can be.

Q: Can you reveal the ingredients?

A: No – it is a secret recipe and I have to keep it under wraps because unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers and competitors who only want to steal the idea and profit from it. When you purchase the item, it will list the contents, but will not reveal the amounts or concentrations therein, or the unique process used to create the oil.

Q: Will you sell me the recipe so I can make it at home?

A: No way. This recipe really works and there is no way I would sell the recipe. Not even for $50,000 dollars. If you have $100,000, then maybe we can talk :) Besides, if you purchased all the materials to make this at home it would cost you about 4 times as much than if you just bought a bottle of it already made.

Q: Does this product contain mineral oil?A: No, this product, nor  any of our other products contain mineral oil.

Q: How long will it take to grow my hair?

A: That depends greatly on the present condition of your hair, your diet/vitamin regimen, any health conditions you may have, your hair care regimen and whether you use any chemical or heat processes on your hair. No honest seller will make a specific claim, because since everyone is different and treats their hair differently it would be impossible to determine specific results. For example, one customer may use this product and also treat their hair well (no heat or chemicals, taking the time to detangle properly and use “protective” styling methods) and gain 6-7 inches in a year. Another customer may use a flat iron frequently or a relaxer and end up experiencing damage and breakage, resulting in only 3-4 inches gained in one year. It isn’t that the hair did not grow, but it broke off just as fast as it grew. I CAN however tell you that I have personally measured 1/2 inch of growth in two weeks before while using this product.

Testimonials for HairHealth+ Hair Growth Oil

My hair grows really slow. Normal hair grows naturally at about a half-an-inch per month. Not mine! I wasn’t even that lucky. When I apply the HairHealth+ hair growth oil, my scalp feels invigorated right away so I know it’s stimulating growth. I notice I’m gaining almost an inch each month with this product. I used a tape measure from my hairline back and I was simply amazed at the results. I could feel and see the difference in my hair pretty much right away. It felt stronger and was very soft and shiny. I am seeing far less breakage and my hair looks very healthy now. Healthier then it ever has! Thank you for such an excellent and remarkable product. The “100 Free Hair Growth Tips” was an added plus. A huge thank you from me! Rachel V., WI

I went to the salon just for a trim and she cut way too much off. She gave me an almost shoulder length hair-cut, not a trim and when I saw all my hair on the floor a freaked. It was just as much my fault for not paying attention, but I’ve never had a problem there before. I know she was working on another person at the same time. Maybe she got confused. Anyway, I just don’t look good in short hair. I immediately started on various hair oil products and various pills, etc., but they just didn’t work. Thanks for supplying a product that actually gives results. My hair has grown two inches longer already. My family and friends comment on how great my hair looks all the time. I have my confidence back. This natural hair growth serum is so affordable too. It doesn’t take much of the hair growth oil to work into my scalp so this will last me a long time. I absolutely love this product! Five Stars all the way!!! Carrie T., AZ


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