Q) Will your products cure baldness?

A) Our products fall into the growth promoter category and are not baldness cures. What is the difference? Hair loss from balding and hair loss from damage/dryness and slowed growth are caused by different things and as such, require different treatments. If your thinning and baldness is caused by alopecia or a hormonal imbalance, our products may help, but you may only experience marginal improvement. That is until the medical/hormonal reason for your hair loss is treated.

Q) What is the product that works the best or quickest to grow my hair?

A) While we get the most feedback on our HairHealth hair oils, what works best for you will depend on what specific issue or issues are causing your hair loss, your specific needs and your preference.
If your hair is damaged (heat or chemical), you can nurse it along for a while with oils and conditioning. If the damage is bad enough though, it may eventually break off. If your hair fall is coming from the root, it could be due to many factors ranging from lack of nutrition or vitamin deficiency (which can greatly be helped with vitamins/minerals/whole foods), to hormonal imbalance.
If you have very dry hair that keeps breaking resulting in hair loss, we recommend any of our products containing shea butter and/or castor oil (HairHealth+, Indian red Castor Oil, Whipped Shea, 4 Herb Pomade) as well as any of our conditioners and vinegar rinse to help fortify and moisturize the hair.
Though our oils have helped many people, if you have a medical or internal issue causing your hair loss, you will have to rectify those issues for best results. Still others have scalp issues that are mostly hindering their hair growth. Those people would benefit most from our products containing Tea Tree oil such as the Hair Health Line and some of the Growth Untamed oils.
Preference: this will also help to determine the right fit for you. For example, some people prefer to use products containing sulfur (our Super Sulfur oils) for rapid growth- others are allergic to sulfur, or they don’t like the smell, so they wouldn’t use those. Other customers may have fine or very straight hair and don’t want to use any product that may feel too heavy or make their hair feel too oily- those customers would choose one of our lighter weight oils, such as SilkenGro, Growth Untamed Rosemary & Lavender and Growth Untamed Super, or HairHealth+ Oily hair formula. Customers with very light colored hair (such as blonde and lighter) would do best to avoid our Hairhealth+ oils and our India Red castor oil as it contains herbals that are known to darken hair over time. We cannot tell you how many shades hair will darken and the time it will take to darken as that varies. But we do know the herbals contained in those products are known to darken hair over time.

Q) HOW LONG will it take to grow my hair to (waist/shoulder/etc) length? I would like to reach this length by summer.

A) First, there is no known topical product in existence that will give you more than about 1 inch per month, maximum. So if summer is 4 months away and you have 12 inches to grow to make your goal, then unfortunately you will be disappointed. [Most people see on average 1/2-1 inch per month depending on many factors mentioned below]. Second, we legally cannot guarantee specific results, such as “Use the product and go from shoulder to waist length by summer.” We cannot do so because results are highly individual and thus, nearly impossible to predict.
The best example I can give is by comparing our products to weight loss/fitness supplements. The supplement will give you a boost, but it is still up to the consumer to, in conjunction with the supplements, exercise, drink plenty of water and eat sensibly for best results. Without doing all of these things together, results may only be half or even less than half of what they could have been.
The customers who get the best results from our hair products – the fastest growth and the most retention- use the oil at least every other day, massage their scalps every day, use the greenhouse effect method on their hair 3x a week, do the inversion method 1x a month, keep their hair moisturized (Moisture, moisture, moisture!!), avoid heat and chemicals like the plague, use protective hair styling, and eat a balanced diet and supplement to make sure they get all of the building blocks needed to grow their hair. Some also go to the doctor and get treatment for any medical problems or hormonal imbalances they have that are causing the hair loss as well.
Since everyone’s natural growth rate, hair type, state of hair health, state of overall health, diet and their hair maintenance practices vary, it is impossible to say for example that any given customer will get “2 inches of growth per month.” We CAN tell you about the results others have had using our products. I have had customers say they got results in as little as 5 days, but that is not typical, so it may take you longer. I generally advise customers to give their overall hair growth routine a minimum of 3-6 months of regular use to measure results. This will give time for you to see a clearer difference in the new hair growing from your scalp. Long hair is a journey. You must be wiling to commit to at least 1-3 years or longer of care, nutrition and nurturing (and of course not cutting the hair) if you hope to grow to mid-back or waist length long hair.

Q) My baby is bald in some areas. Will you make a custom formula to grow my baby’s hair out?

A) Our products, though herbal, are strong. Though herbals are natural, many of them have not been as extensively studied for their effects on small children. It is for the reason that we do not recommend the use of our products on children or do custom orders for children.

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