Loosen Your Curls Without a Relaxer or Texturizer – How I Did It

Loosen Your Curls Without a Relaxer or Texturizer – How I Did It


My Keratin-treated hair after shampooing, deep conditioning and adding my moisturizing, curl-defining jelly.

How did I get loosened, more defined curls on my 4C hair? I did a couple of things:

  1. Used a Keratin treatment + Photon laser (though you can still some nice curly-cues without it; I’ll explain below)
  2. Used a good curl defining cream or jelly (or both!)

First, about 2 months ago, I applied a Keratin treatment and used the Photon Lizze laser to seal it into the hair. The laser itself does not straighten hair, but instead helps the keratin sort of bind to the hair so it can do it’s thing. When you apply the keratin, use the light, dry the hair and then flat iron it, it helps the hair stay straight a lot longer than it may normally do so (please see the photo below for results). Before this, my hair would begin to curl back up within as little as 30 minutes after straightening.

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I once paid a ton of money to have a hairstylist straighten my natural hair for a wedding. A half hour after I left the salon, I was standing in line at Walmart and I could feel my hair puffing back up. I had to have my mom help me re-press and curl my hair again the next day right before the wedding and I was late getting to the church!

How Does The Photon Lizze Laser Straightening Light Work on Black Hair?

The keratin treatment + Photon Lizze laser light are amazing on my 4C hair because if I want to wear my hair straightened, it will last up to two weeks or until I wash it.

The keratin treatment + Photon Lizze laser light are amazing on my 4C hair because if I want to wear my hair straightened, it will last up to two weeks or until I wash it. You will have to be careful not to use any products on the hair that contain sulfates (BTMS or Behentremonium Methosulfate that I use in my formulations are not the kind of sulfates that will deactivate keratin or strip the hair, so they are safe to use) or sodium, such as Sodium Lauryl or Laureth sulfate that you find in most commercial shampoos. So you will need to use a shampoo without sodium or sulfates (Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo will do in a pinch and it is available pretty much everywhere). Also, be aware that sweat may deactivate the keratin to some degree because there is some salt/sodium in your sweat, but I suppose that could be lessened if you drink a lot more water.

Keratin Photon Lizze Treatment results on Black hair

My Keratin-treated hair flat ironed with some “magic hair” thrown in for flair. The laser light won’t permanently make coily hair straight (well at least it didn’t make mine permanently straight).

I got the Photon Lizze keratin laser as a Christmas gift from my love, but it can be purchased online on eBay and Amazon. Mine came from eBay.

While photon lasers are generally considered safe, you’ll want to use caution not to point it at your eyes. The kit I got came with protective glasses, so if you purchase this, make sure it comes with protective glasses or be sure to buy some to use with it (NEVER use a photon laser without first putting on the proper protective eyewear). Make sure you get two pairs of protective glasses in case you have a friend help you with the keratin treatment (RECOMMENDED) so that both of you can protect your eyes. The laser can also be used to make your color job or deep conditioning treatment penetrate more deeply.

Contrary to popular belief on social media, this product does NOT permanently straighten hair…

Contrary to popular belief on social media, this laser does NOT permanently straighten hair (which would be a personal horror story for anyone who does not wish to permanently alter their hair texture). Instead, it, along with the keratin, create a semi-permanent smoothing/de-frizzing effect on the hair. When you wet the hair, it will not stay straight, but it may also not go all the way back to your original texture, either. I am normally a 4C texture, and when my hair is damp now, it is more of a 4A texture and when I apply my curl jelly or my 4-in-1 JBCO cream to it, the curls are a TON more defined and smooth. I switch back and forth between straight and curly. But – you do NOT need the photon laser to do a keratin treatment (I just feel that it just makes it more effective and longer lasting) and you can still get some temporary loosening and curl defining action just from products alone – see below for proof 🙂

Second, I used products!

As shown in the first picture, my curl defining jelly gave me those cool, sort of diffused curls, but when I want more clumping action, I use my JBCO + Marshamallow 4-in-1 cream on wet hair and leave it in. Below is my hair with the Curl defining Jelly, the Second video shows the JBCO 4-in-1cream on my hair (pre-keratin treatment). The third photo is a comparison shot of just the curling jelly on one side, and with a touch of both on the other side. The photo following that shows the JBCO 4-in-1 cream on a kinky-curly human hair wig (so it can also be used on your “Magic Hair”).



My hair with just the curling jelly on the left, and the JBCO + Marshmallow 4-in-1 on the right, which gives a more elongated curl.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil + Marshmallow Root 4-In-One Ultra Conditioner Styling Cream, Detangler for Curls, Mega Slip, no silicones

Jamaican Black Castor Oil + Marshmallow Root 4-In-One Ultra Conditioner Styling Cream.


The Moisturizing Curling Gel! It’s called Marshmallow Moisture Gel.

What do you think of the Curling Jelly or JBCO 4-in-1 Cream? Do you think I should sell the jelly? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram!

Mel C.

Update: We now sell both here. JBCO 4-in-1 Cream is available here. Marshmallow Moisture Gel is available here.

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  1. How often do you have to re-apply the keratin treatment and use the laser? Which kind of keratin products did you use?

    1. It lasted me about 2 months – you may have to touch up your roots also as the hair grows. Keep in mind though that if you use certain types of hair products (ex. shampoos that contain sulfates or salts, or vinegar rinse) it will deactivate the keratin. Also, sweat can deactivate the keratin, presumably because sweat contains some salt. I used a brand of Keratin called CocoChoco Gold, I received it as a Christmas present, so I’m not sure how much it costs, but I believe it can be found on eBay.

  2. How often do you have to redo this treatment?

    1. About once every 2-3 months for me. Also, because my hair was virgin and very tightly coiled, I had to do the keratin treatment once more a bout a week or two after the very first application (I sweated quite a bit in the roots of my hair). After this, it kept my curl pattern looser for about 8 weeks.

  3. Wow, looking good, I need those curls! I am going to try this but I’ll do a little more research on the Photon laser thing. This is offtopic but I wish I had a man that loved me enough to get me a $250 gift. He got me $30 worth of WM beauty gift kits for Xmas. He had $2k of bonuses. Going on 8 years with him, wont treat me right but won’t let me go. I’m saddened.

    1. Thank you!! I’m so sorry to hear about the deal with your gift 🙁 I honestly think my man partially got it because he was curious how it might work on his hair as well – his hair is very long and curly 😉

  4. So would your curls still loosen if you dont straighten your hair afterwards?I cant find the photon laser for a decent price and Im trying to firgure out if the keratin treatment will work if i blowdry it on high (without a comb attachment) to activate the keratin. I just want something that will enlongate and loosen my curls so i have less shrinkage.

    1. Once I wash my hair, I still do need to blow-dry and flat-ron to get it STRAIGHT-straight. It will hold a blowout-texture kinda straight if I just blow-dry it. When it is wet, you can see that the curls appear looser and more elongated.You just want to take care not to heat damage the hair while pressing it as that can leave you with permanent and random straight strands.

  5. Hello. Are you still here ? Do you still use this method? Can it work on heat damaged hair as well?

    1. Hello,
      I still use it off and on. I washed it all out a couple months back before I put my braids in, but I am about to put the Keratin back in soon.
      I can’t say I recommend it on heat damaged hair because you have to use a lot of heat (flat ironing) to bond the keratin to the hair and it may exacerbate the heat damage.
      I initially used a Keratin brand called CocoChoco
      The name of the laser light is Photon Lizze (my husband bought both for me on ebay)
      I now use a brand of Keratin called Keratin Research Gold Label (specifically for Black + Dominican/type 3-4 hair). I bought it and the shampoo together on eBay, but I see they also sell it on Amazon.

  6. Hi Mel!

    Ok fantastic. I only have have heat damage to the front where my hair is naturally wavy. The rest is 4b.

    What is your natural curl pattern before keratin?
    When you washed out the keratin did you curl pattern tighten back up?

    Thanks for any information!


    1. My hair is naturally a mix of 4b & 4c. When I washed out the keratin, it did go back to its original texture.

      1. Thanks so much for the information.

        I transitioned from relaxed for a year. I grew 5 inches of hair. I had long relaxed hair. About 14 inches. I blow dried my hair about a week after the big chop and I was so upset the front half of my head remained straight. I still can’t believe it. Funny when I was relaxed I NEVER used heat on my hair. So now I’m thinking I’m gonna grow it back in the next two years but if I can’t blow dry it – as it’s soo thick a d takes two days to air dry – then I might need to straighten it somewhat , some how that’s why I’m researching in advance … I was thinking to texlax but then I saw keratin but in the past had the formledamehyde thing so I did not consider it. The laser replaces the flat Irion process in sealing the keratin right ?? I really thank you for your advice.

        1. The laser is just a light that is supposed to help bind the keratin onto the hair, it does not emit any sort of discernible heat. To me, the Photon Lizze is similar to those lights they use to cure gel polish onto nails. It does not replace the flat iron and you will still need to flat iron the hair.

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